Why choose Roses to send your Valentine

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and it is easy to see why! With their high petal count, velvet texture, delicate scent and wide range of stunning colours from crisp white, soft pink, deep red right through to the hybrid rainbow, this makes roses a luxurious bloom loved by many and suitable for many floral occasions.

Roses are also in high demand for the most romantic day in the diary - February 14th which when love birds across the world celebrate St Valentine's Day. We take a closer look at why roses are linked to love and Valentine’s Day, and offer you some tips on how to pick the perfect bunch to send your True Love.

History of the Rose

Roses have been blooming on Earth for a very long time, with researchers finding fossilised wild roses dating back 35 million years! In ancient history from the legendary tales of the Greek Mythology and Romans the rose flower features heavily – the story goes that Aphrodite the Goddess of Love created the rose from the tears she cried over her beloved Adonis.

Nowadays there are over 150 different species of rose and thousands of hybrid roses, grown mainly in Africa, Mexico and Holland. Demand worldwide for varieties of roses is high, with customers wanting new colour combinations and range of sizes available all year round. With many meanings behind them such as white for innocence, yellow for happiness and pink for loyalty, Roses are popular for a hidden message behind a gift or for the main flowers for a bride to carry in her wedding bouquet.

Roses for your Valentine

It is estimated that 224 million roses are grown every year just for Valentine’s Day, showing just how in demand these beauties are! Red roses are the traditional choice for Valentine’s Day – linked back to Greek Goddess Aphrodite and throughout history have been the symbol of true love and devotion.

  • The bestselling rose bouquet for Valentine’s is the classic 12 red roses that represent “be mine forever”. Ruby red roses mixed with lush green foliage looks absolutely breath-taking and very romantic to send your True Love! Our bespoke 12 red rose bouquet is one of the most popular romantic gifts that our customers go wild for, and has been expertly designed by The Flower Shop Southampton team.
  • If you are looking for a modern twist for Valentine gifts, why not choose a beautiful bouquet of mixed lilac roses, pale pink roses and cream roses.
  • And not forgetting Galantine’s Day which falls on February 13th, yellow roses represent friendship and happiness making them the perfect bouquet to send your BFF.
  • After some romantic gift inspiration to send this February 14th? Keep your eyes open for our exclusive The Flower Shop Southampton Valentine's Day collection launching online soon!



Tips to care for Valentine's Roses

  • If you are picking up a bouquet of roses from your local florist as a Valentine’s gift, don’t hide them in your car over night as the big drop in temperature can damage the roses.
  • Roses often have “guard petals” on the outside (these may look brown or drier) which are left on by the florist as these help protect the delicate petals underneath. Just carefully peel these off these guard petals to reveal the perfect petals full of colour underneath.
  • To arrange at home, fill a clean vase half full with tap water and add the flower food sachet supplied by the florist.
  • Carefully remove the packaging from the flowers and using sharp scissors trim 1-2 inches off the base of each stem at a 45 degree angle.
  • Remove any leaves/foliage that will fall below the waterline but if possible leave the thorns on the stems, as they help the rose look beautiful for longer.
Why choose Roses to send your Valentine