How to look after your cut flowers in a heatwave

Summer is coming to Southampton - yipeee! The weather this August is meant to be very sunny and warm, with rumours of a heatwave heading our way. We love the hot weather, and being based in Hampshire we luckily live in the perfect location for going for a paddle at Calshot beach, catch the ferry over to explore Isle of Wight for the day or head down to the New Forest for an ice cream or two. How do you like to keep cool and enjoy the warm summer weather?

However, we find gorgeous fresh blooms sometimes need a little helping hand so they can deal with the extreme heat! And here at The Flower Shop Southampton, our expert florists have all the tips on how you can keep your cut flowers happy during a heatwave.

Top tips for keeping flowers happy in the heat:

  • It is always best to display cut flowers out of direct sunlight – especially important in the scorching summer rays. Best to avoid sunny window sills or conservatories.
  • Keep your flowers cool to avoid wilting by displaying them in the coolest room in the house.
  • Try to keep the temperature as consistent as possible – so for example avoid the flowers being in kitchen where you may be cooking or using the oven a lot.
  • Avoid placing flowers in a strong draft, such as near windows or patio doors that you may be throwing open in the summer heat.
  • Regularly check the vase or container and keep it topped up with fresh water daily– flowers are extra thirsty when its really hot.
  • Every few days just snip 1cm or so off the bottom of the stems. This helps the flowers absorb more water and keep hydrated.
  • Some flowers such as Orchids enjoy a light mist of water to help keep them cool.

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How to look after your cut flowers in a heatwave