Choosing Funeral Flowers Guide

14 August 2019

Flowers help express deep feelings and offer a sign of support to those grieving. There are different options for funeral flowers, which means you can pick the right ones for a really personal feel such as coffin sprays, bespoke tributes and wreaths. At an emotional time of losing a loved one and with lots of decisions to make, we understand how overwhelming planning a funeral can be. Here at The Flower Shop Southampton, our florists are here to offer comforting guidance to ensure choosing funeral flowers is stress free and the finest flowers will be delivered safely on the day of the service.

Our Funeral Flowers Guide will talk you through some of the most popular funeral flowers options available from The Flower Shop Southampton.

Specialist Funeral Tributes

Choosing a Specialist Funeral Tribute means we will design a one-off bespoke flower design. Our caring florists will use your ideas to create an inspirational floral tribute that helps you say a personal farewell to your loved one.

In the past, The Flower Shop Southampton have had the honour of making Specialist Funeral Tributes for funerals in the local area. Our designs over the years have included ideas such as favourite animals or sports team, hobby and pastimes, representing a career or favourite food. You may have a memorial object you want incorporated in the design or to include a specific flower or colour. This is the lovely thing about a bespoke funeral design – our florists can use their creativity to design a heartfelt tribute which is unique to your memories of you loved one.

One of the favourite bespoke tributes our talented florists have created is the Rainbow Butterfly (pictured right).

A beautiful idea from the family, we used a mix of seasonal flowers such as roses, orchids and chrysanthemum in bold, vibrant shades to cleverly design a rainbow butterfly.


Coffin Spray

Coffin Sprays (also known as Casket Sprays) are designed to beautifully sit on top to decorate the coffin. The Flower Shop Southampton can create Coffin Sprays in a range of colours, flowers and sizes depending on your preference. Coffin Sprays are normally ordered by the close family, and is one of the main floral features for the funeral.


A very sentimental option, a Heart Funeral design represents deep love for the deceased. Often chosen by a spouse or immediate family, you can choose the colours used or request a certain flower to include.

This stunning double heart tribute mix our florists created is very special. The eye catching design and clever use of textures with flowers and foliage makes this heart tribute really stand out, A gorgeous mix of cymbidium orchids, carnations, alstroemeria, short-stem roses in shades of pink, red, cream and green.

Funeral Wreath

A popular choice for family, friends and colleagues to order is a funeral wreath. A traditional funeral design, the Wreath symbolises eternal life making it a meaningful choice and sign of respect to your beloved.  A funeral Wreath is created in a circle shape, and can be customised based on size, colour or flower style.

Cushions and Crosses

Cushions (also known as Pillows) have a traditional meaning behind them for funerals. The Cushion represents comfort in a final resting place, so offers a meaningful message of love and safe journey -pictured right is our beautiful Woodland Pillow
Crosses are chosen for representing religious beliefs, the perfect choice if your loved one followed a faith.



Posies and baskets are often orders by friends and colleagues, who wish to send an elegant floral arrangement to show their sentiments. A posy is a circular shape (pictured left) with the flowers arranged and displayed beautifully from all angles. These funeral flowers can be created in a range of colours, sizes and styles to suit your requirements.




Choosing Funeral Flowers Guide